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New Popular Supreme Patchwork Hooded Sweatshirt

by FreeStyle


Let's talk about Supreme patchwork hooded sweatshirt today, it was obviously inspired by Piet Mondrian when they made this patchwork hoodie. Reminiscent of cross colors, Look how cool one of my YouTube buhls ig is bro...

So popular loved on Instagram and good sale on ebay, get Supreme patch hooded sweatshirt retail price here. Available in Small,Medium,Large and extra large, navy and white color.

Check the craftsmanship that our factory made, it is make with six colors and we should cut about 60 pieces cloth material to stitch it together. The best quality Supreme sweatshirt on the market.   

Supreme Patchwork Hoodie Sweatshirt

Supreme Patchwork Hoodie Sweatshirt

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Supreme Patchwork Hoodie Sweatshirt Multi Color

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